Appearance: Costume

The ‘Costume’ class is a child classes of the ‘Appearance’ class.

classDiagram Appearance <|-- Costume Appearance <|-- Background Token o-- Appearance class Token{ +add_costume() } class Appearance{ +add_image(str) } class Costume{ } class Background{ }


Usually costumes are created with token.add_costume([image_path|color])


class miniworldmaker.appearances.costume.Costume(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A costume contains one or multiple images

Every token has a costume which defines the “look” of the token. You can switch the images in a costume to animate the token.

A costume is created if you add an image to an actor with token.add_image(path_to_image)


Can be overwritten by main-program


the parent of a costume is the associated token.


Performs all actions in image pipeline