Status: Game state/end of game/levels

End of game/level change

The following are typical end-of-game/level change actions:

  • Clear the playing field

  • Stop the game field.

The following commands are available for this:

  • board.stop(): Stops the game board. No more actions are executed and no more events are queried.

  • board.start(): This cancels a stop command.

  • board.is_running: With this variable you can query the state of the board.

  • board.clear(): This function removes all pieces from the board.

  • board.reset(): The function clears the current board and creates a new board with all the pieces as they were created in board.on_setup().


  • Often you want to show the current score or something similar.

For this the miniworldmaker offers you special tokens, e.g. TextTokens or NumberTokens.