Tokens and costumes#

Each token has one or more costumes. Costumes have several images with which animations can be described.

First Token

The first costume#

With the function


you can add a new costume.

If no costume has been added yet, this will automatically be your first costume. first costume.

Add more pictures to a costume#

With the command costume.add_image you can add more images to a costume. to a costume.


Alternatively, you can directly add a list of images to a costume to a costume:

self.costume.add_image(["images/image_1.jpg, images/image_2.jpg"])


2D animations can be thought of as flipbooks. Thereby, that the image of an actor/token is changed in quick succession, it looks like the actor is moving.

To do this, you must first add several images to a costume (see above).

Then you can animate the costume as follows:

self.costume.is_animated = True
self.costume.animation_speed = 10

Switch between costumes#

Here’s how to switch between two costumes:


The statement jumps to the next costume. You can also specify as a parameter a number to jump to a specific costume.