Game Figures

What are tokens?

A Token is a token on your board.

All objects on your board are tokens that can be moved around the board and that can communicate with each other.

Example: Create a token

After you have created the board, a token, (i.e. a game piece) is placed on the board. This works like this:

 1import miniworldmaker
 3board = miniworldmaker.TiledBoard()
 4board.columns = 20
 5board.rows = 8
 6board.tile_size = 42
 8player = miniworldmaker.token()

What happens here?

  • Line 9 creates a player object.

  • Line 10 assigns a costume to the player object.

The costume

Every board has a background, every token has a costume. To make your tokens look different, you can put a costume on your token.


The instruction for this is:


Note: path_to_image is a (relative path) to the image. You should put your images in the subfolder images, then the image image.png in the subfolder images has the path images/image.png.


… image:: /_images/token.jpg



First Token


  • My token is misaligned, what should I do?

    A token is aligned correctly if the image looks upwards. If the image is aligned in another direction by default, then you have two possibilities

  • You can rotate the image with an image editor.

  • You can change the orientation of the costume in Miniworldmaker. This can be done with my_token.costume.orientation = 90. Set the appropriate value for orientation so that the costume is oriented correctly.

  • Sometimes it is also necessary to set that the token can rotate but the costume should always be oriented the same way. This can be done with my_token.costume.is_rotatable = False.