All objects passed to the physics engine with object_name.start_physics() are managed by the physics engine.

You must therefore call this command before you give an object a pulse in a direction.

Physical Properties

Before calling object_name.start_physics(). you can change physical properties of the object. You can set the following properties:

  • object_name.physics.mass(int; 1) The mass of the token. Default: 1

  • object_name.physics.gravity(bool; true): Should the token follow the laws of physics?

  • object_name.physics.stable (bool; true): Can the token rotated by the laws of physics?

  • object_name.physics.friction (int; 10): When surfaces are in contact to each other, the driction removes the kinetic energy.

  • object_name.physics.can_move (bool; true): When surfaces are in contact to each other, the friction removes the kinetic energy.

  • object_name.physics.elasticity (int; 0.5): How much should other objects bounce off the token?