There are 3 different kind of collisions:

  • Tile-Collisions: Objects collide when they are in the same tile

  • Pixel-Collisions: Collisions are compared with rectangles or by pixel

  • Physic-Collisions: Collisions are handled by the physics-engine.

TileBased Collisions

Method: on_sensing_token(self, other_token)

The method is called when the object is sensing another token. The argument other_token can be used to do something with the other token.


Object bases approach:

def on_sensing_token(self, other_token):
    explosion = miniworldmaker.Token()
    explosion.position = (self.x, self.y)

### PixelBased Collisions

### PhysicsBaded Collisions …

### Collisions

  • on_sensing_[class name](self, other)

    Checks whether there is a collision with an object of a certain class. This only works if the objects overlap.

    The other parameter contains the other object with which a collision was detected.

    E.g.: ony_sensing_token(self, other) - This detects collissions with all tokens.

  • on_sensing_borders(self, borders):

    The method is called if a collision with a border is detected.

    The borders parameter contains a list of strings (e.g. [“left”, “right”]) of the detected borders

With physics engine

-> See more under Physics

  • on_touching_|class name|

    Is called when the object touches another one. Unlike on_sensing_|class name|, there does not have to be an overlap.

  • on_separation_with_|classname|

    Is called when two objects separate.