3. Tokens

A token is a piece on your game board.

All objects in your Miniworld are tokens that can be moved around the board.

3.1. Create a token

After you have created the game board, a token, (i.e. a game piece) is now placed on the board.

This goes like this:

3.2. ``{code-block} python

3.3. lineno-start: 1 emphasize-lines: 9,10

import miniworldmaker

board = miniworldmaker.TiledBoard() board.columns = 20 board.rows = 8 board.tile_size = 42 board.add_background(“images/soccer_green.jpg”) board.speed = 30 player = miniworldmaker.token() player.add_costume(“images/player.png”)


  * In line 9, a player object is created.
  * In line 10, a costume is assigned to the player object. 

### The costume

Each `board` has a `background`, each `token` has a `costume`. You **should` assign a costume to a new token. 

The statement for this is usually:



`path_to_image` is a (relative path) to the image. You should put your images in the subfolder `images`, then the image `image.png` in the subfolder `images` has the path `images/image.png.

### Result


### View

> --> More information. See [tokens](../key_concepts/tokens.md)

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