Source code for miniworldmaker.tokens.token_plugins.sensors.sensor

from typing import Union, Tuple, List, Optional

from miniworldmaker.tokens import token as token_mod

[docs]class Sensor: """A sensors attached to a token. The sensors is not visible and will not detect the token itself. """ def __init__(self, token: "token_mod.Token", relative_position=Union["position_mod.Position", Tuple[float, float]]): self.token = token self.sensor = self._get_sensor() self.sensor.__sensor_relative_position = relative_position self.sensor.__sensor_token = token self.sensor.visible = False self.sensor.physics.simulation = None sensor = self.sensor @sensor.register def act(self): = + self.__sensor_relative_position @property def size(self): return self.sensor.size @size.setter def size(self, value): self.sensor.size = value @property def visible(self): return self.sensor.size @visible.setter def visible(self, value): self.sensor.visible = value def _get_sensor(self) -> "token_mod.Token": return token_mod.Token(
[docs] def detect_all(self) -> List["token_mod.Token"]: """Detects all token (but not self.token) """ tokens = self.sensor.detect_all() if self.token in tokens: tokens.remove(self.token) return tokens
[docs] def detect(self) -> Optional["token_mod.Token"]: """detects first token (but not self.token)""" tokens = self.detect_all() if tokens: return tokens[0] else: return None